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The Jade Phoenix

The Jade Phoenix has been used in our logo to symbolise rising from the ashes, a metaphor for recovery from the lowest point in someone's experience. It recognises that a scam is a traumatic event, and has emotional, psychosocial and financial implications which can include any or all of grief, shame, disorientation, loss of self-esteem, which can lead to social isolation, possible family breakdown, and poor mental health.  Life After Scams seeks to focus on dealing with these issues so that full recovery and return to functionality can occur, sooner.

Although financial impacts can be devastating, in most instances it is not possible to recover funds lost to scammers. We can only provide a referral to other financial support areas to help adjust to changed financial circumstances.

Our Approach

Life After Scams, based initially in Melbourne Victoria, seeks to

  • Provide emotional support to a group a that is not otherwise supported, Australia wide.
  • Develop a targeted scam specific support program that helps the victims of scam trauma deal with the emotional effects of grief, shame, social isolation, family fragmentation and lost futures.
  • Educate key mental health professionals working with victims, so they too can provide effective support.

Scam victims do not qualify as Victims of Crime, even though crimes have been committed against them. They are invisible in the victim support landscape, yet they can suffer devastating emotional trauma and often irrecoverable financial losses. It is time to make it easier for them,” says Jan.

Although the ACCC and Scamwatch take reports about scams, the only support provided to deal with the emotional, psychological and social aspects of scams is to refer them to Lifeline or Beyond Blue. Whilst these organisations provide excellent services, by setting up a not-for-profit organisation, Jan plans for Life After Scams to develop a greater capability to provide targeted and specific professional emotional support for scam victims, across all the major types of scams.

Actions to put the necessary organisational and charity governance in place have commenced.  Jan is developing an advisory body/ project team comprising psychologists, researchers, members from law enforcement and corporate agencies

Our Story

Meet our management team.

Life After Scams' management team has a range of experience across various
business functions, psycology and everything in between, however the true
survivors of scams are what really brought this together, determined to
bring the support that victims need in their most vulnerable state.

Jan Marshall


Founder & CEO



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If you would like more information, know of someone who has or have been scammed yourself, please reach out via email